AWS sysops steps

1.Multifactor Authentication on AWS – Lab.
• Go to identify access management and Activate MFA account.
• create manage MFA device enter the Authentication code.
• Activate virtual MFA&MFA device was successfully associated.

2.Building IAM Policies.
• Go to security identity & compaliance.
• IAM ,policy,create policies,set permissions,review policy.
• go to s3 and create bucket and copy url paste in ARN.

3.Using IAM Roles With EC2 (recap) - Lab.
• go to security identity&compliance and IAM create policy.
• create ec2, launch instances and choose ami,choose instance type, configure instance add storage.
• IAMrole operation succeded.

4. Ec2 status Troubleshooting.
• create ec2 status checks in that system status checks,instance status check.
• system status checks >loss of network connectivity,loss of system power.

5.create a cloud watch.
• go to iam,roles,create new role,role name :cloudwatch.
• create role,set rolename,select role type,establish trust,attach policy,review.

6.Billing & Alerts.
• click to cloud watch in that billing and create alarm.
• you can create a billing alarm to recieve e-mail alerts when your aws charges exceed.

7.creating a NAT instance.
• Create a NAT instance from community AMI.
• Given internet access to Private subnet.

8.vpc end points.
• click to iam,rules,create rule,go to ec2,running instances,attach/replace iam role.
• when you use an end point,the source ip address from your instances.