Nagios Slack alerts step by step

Step1:- Install the necessary perl modules with:- sudo apt-get install libwww-perl libcrypt-ssleay-perl (or similar).

Step2:- Download the plugin and move it into place:
wget and give excute perminssions to that file
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/

Step3:- Edit the , find the $opt_domain and $opt_token variables, and set them to:
you can find the Slack token:-

my $opt_domain = “” # Your team’s domain
my $opt_token = “wN1QjTXUKGxQPYCKbpJ84NlN” # The token from your Nagios services

Step4:- Goto Nagios console, under configure tab select core config manager and create new commands for (host, servers).


Step5:- Goto admin tab----> manage users ----> create new user ----> apply configurations.

Step-6:- Go to Nagios console, under configure tab select configuration wizard and select the wizard (like:- amazon EC2, Linux server, etc…) from the search tab. And next specify required details (like:- IP, Destribution, Name, etc…).
It display like below:-

Step-7:- Next page enables you to configure the wizard (like:- Host name, Server metrics, disk usage, services, process, etc…) by choosing the marking you want to monitor your host. and also specify Create Monitoring settings and notification settings.

Step8:- Goto Configure tab ----> Core config Manager -----> Contacts ----> Create new contact ---->
Under Common settings:-
Specify manage contact groups (admins)
Specify Manage contact templates (generic contacts)

Under alerting settings:-
Specify commands for Host and Servers.
And save it, configure the settings.

Step10:- Goto Nagios console ----> Under Configure tab ----> Host ----> Edit common, Check, Alerting settings and save apply configurations.
Edit Like below:-

Thank You.