Spinnaker and Kubernetes

                                                Detail Plan of Set Up


Configuring GitHub:

  1. Install git on (Master node).
  2. Setup up a git hub account using mail id.
    Configuring Docker Hub:
  3. Install docker on (Worker Node).
  4. Set up a docker hub account.
  5. Create a new repository on docker hub.
  6. Hooking a GitHub repo to docker repo to build automatic docker images.
    Configuring Kubernetes:
  7. Add the Docker gpg key
  8. Add the Docker repository
  9. Add the Kubernetes gpg key
  10. Add the Kubernetes repository
  11. Update your packages
  12. Install kubelet, kubeadm, and kubectl
  13. Hold Kubernetes at the current version
  14. Modify Bridge adaptor settings, add the iptables rule to sysctl.conf
  15. Enable bridge adaptor settings iptables immediately
  16. Initialize the K8s cluster
  17. Make Directory for K8s
  18. Copy the Kubeconfig
  19. Change ownership of the config
  20. Apply Flannel CNI network overlay
  21. Join the worker nodes to the cluster
    Installing Spinnaker:
  22. Installing of Halyard
  23. Choose Cloud Providers (Kubernetes Legacy)
  24. Choose Environment (Distributed Installation on Kubernetes)
  25. Choose Storage (Please suggest us)
  26. Setting up of spinnaker.
    Configuring Spinnaker:
  27. Creating a spinnaker application.
  28. Creating a load balancer.
  29. Creating a server group.
  30. Setting up of pipeline.
  31. Verification of pipeline.
  32. Promote to prod.
  33. Run the pipeline.